The Glass Cow

As a way to counterbalance the esoterica (read: nerdiness) of my posts on the minutia of cocktail book publishing, I think I'll try to interlard my drink posts with actual cocktail recipies -- either new or historic. This way, they'll be a li'l sumpin' for everybody. 

Michael Symon has been kind enough to allow me back behind his bar at Lolita. I was a bit worried that my joints would be a little too stiff after seven years away, especially since no patrons want a whiff of bengay as they sip their cocktails, but so far so good... And jumping back behind the bar from time to time -- as a way to supplement my meager sabbatical pay -- has allowed me to come up with some fun cocktails. I'm in love with this one: The Glass Cow (a play on "Glasgow" and the scotch / chocolate undertones in this drink). It would make a great after dinner drink, but it is well balanced (not sweet or cloying at all) enough to whet the appetite. I can envision these being drunk after work but before grabbing the 6:15 commuter, and I keep thinking about that wonderful scene in The Big Clock (1948) where Ray Milland and date start downing Stingers after work. This is a nod to that, as well as the answer to the challenge I made to myself to come up with a fernet cocktail. 
And they're easy to make: 
Build in a rocks glass over ice in the following order:

1.5 ounces blended scotch. 
.5 ounce creme de cacao (not a chocolate liquor)
.25 Branca Menta

I just give the drink a slight stir or "jiggle." Since it is built, I like how the taste changes over the course of the drink, but customers may want to blend it more at their discretion, especially if they are adverse to that first sip of mint/amaro (and I suppose there may be such people. Hmph).
I use Dewars White Label for this because it is pretty neutral. A smokier scotch would obviously change the flavor profile but might be fun. Experiments will ensue...
Drink and enjoy!